Maison Martin Margiela to Launch E-Commerce on October 1st, 2010 {Fragrance News} {Fashion Notes}


Designer brand Martin Margiela will launch their e-commerce site tomorrow on October 1st, 2010.

A visit to the website today leaves room for speculation: is it still under construction although the landing page states "This site is not under construction." It looks like a really unfinished site or one that pretends to be, it's hard to tell...

A special section is dedicated to fragrances and you can even sign up to become a member of the perfume community so as to be kept apprised of future launches.

Two experimental style videos help enter the universe of the debut fragrance Untitled like a travel time to a Godard movie from the 60s, especially the one called "A Nose" which simply recites the main ingredients in the composition but instead of seeing a mouth utter the words, the camera focuses on a nose.

"Bienvenue chez Maison Martien Margiela parfums":

"Welcome to Maison Martin Margiela fragrances":

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