Michalsky for Men & Women (2010): Getting into the Action without Further Ado {New Fragrances} {Men's Cologne}

Michalsky-perfumes.jpgGerman designer Michael Michalsky seems to be channelling both the ad and bottle for Bang by Marc Jacobs with his upcoming release of a duo of scent called Michalsky for Women and Men. Or is it just a trend handed down from the top by invisible deities?

At any rate, the Michalsky advert signed by photographer Denise Krentz is pushing the boundaries of the well-tested concept "sex sells." If I used the expression "muy caliente" for Dior Homme, I don't know what other phrase I need here to reflect the higher temperatures rising from the bodies of models Eugen Bauder and Isabel Neumair demonstrating the effects of the new fragrances...

Certainly steamy hot or sizzling hot are a minimum. It is surprising to see so much explicit soft-porn displayed in a perfume ad unless your name is Tom Ford. It is even funnier when thinking that the ad is that of a clothing designer brand: "Don't wear any of my clothes, they're in the way!"

Developed by fragrance company Maurer and Wirtz, the Michalsky duo also uses a bottle with affinities with the one used for Bang by Marc Jacobs.

Michalsky for Men has top notes of grapefruit, ginger, black pepper; heart notes of elemi resin, lavender and sage. Base notes are patchouli, vetiver, cedar.

Michalsky for Women has opening notes of pear, brandy, grapefruit. Heart notes are heliotrope, neroli, licorice. Base notes are praline, sandalwood, vanilla.

Via Paris Confidential

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