Victoria's Secret Ooh La La (2008): Not So Ditzy {Fragrance Review}

Ooh-la-la-victoria-secret.jpgOoh La La was launched by Victoria's Secret in their series Sexy Little Things two years and a half ago right on time for Valentine's Day 2008. It is still part of their catalog despite looking like an ephemeral little thing. Why review this scent rather than any other VS parfums on display? One afternoon and after smelling a good number of the brand's scents, doing a "wall progression", this is the one that smelled best to my nose and which I ended up purchasing. In store I was struck by its good balance of notes. It just smelled good above its competitors. The heart-shaped bottle and the packaging are ditzy in a fun way (you can use it as either a splash or spray flacon. If you store it, put the cap back on as the atomizer makes the jus be in contact with air.) Finally, I am totally one for wearing uncomplicated (but not poorly done juices) because, maybe, just maybe, they are restful and relaxing AND help you take yourself less seriously whenever you need an antidote (or someone you know needs one.)...

Here's what Victoria's Secret has to say about the Eau de Parfum,

"Throw a wink, blow a kiss, be the coquette you are. A flirtatious blend of mandarin, cherry blossom and vanilla reveals a vivacious scent that leaves admirers saying, "ooh la la!"

There you go. The atmosphere is planted and you know you won't have to think too hard when wearing Ooh La La, a fragrance whose name is an onomatopoeia. This does not mean however that the composition was signed by an airhead. Like the Legally Blonde character Elle Woods, the scent is pink, it is non serious in appearance but reveals a very good level of professionalism and technical skills.

The perfume is a well-balanced, simple, no-fuss blend of vanilla, cherry blossom and peach-y mandarin. The scent has a discrete dark and brittle caramelized sugar nuance.

It is just a mellow, pretty scent: warm and tart, juicy-fresh and sexy. This is the kind of perfume that can smell great on the right person and will make people wonder what you are wearing without them being able to place it. You know the reaction you might have upon asking someone what's the alluring scent they're wearing and discovering it is something far less high-brow than you assumed it to be in the first place.

As Ooh La La evolves, the fragrance becomes even mellower and rounder, with a substantial amber-y body which keeps its mouthwatering, tart, acidic edge reminiscent of Morello cherries.

Then the vanilla kicks in, in full gear, while the fragrance smells more floral, more like cherry blossom. At the same time, more complex fruity nuances develop with that hint of over-ripeness, the suggestion of a summer peach crushed by the heat and the merciless sun, languishing on a wooden rack before getting relieved of its attempt to hang on to freshness by being baked. It's peaches and cream pie to my nose, with a coulis of Morello cherries, but transformed into a sexy musky-floral for women. The scent is never jarring or high-pitched. It maintains an orb-like olfactory shape.

The longer drydown smells like musky vanilla wafers. 

Who do I see wearing this: college students obviously; sexy women of all ages unafraid of marketing labels and confident in their skins; vanilla lovers.

The takeaway: Ooh La La may be uncomplicated but it is well-blended and balanced with a satisfying and understated level of complexity (I smell trace amounts of fresh "cyclamen" and spicy "carnation".)

Go for it if you want your skin to smell like sexy spring cherry and overripe summer peach all wrapped in one with a side serving of warm vanilla cream.

Prices: $39 and $49.

Shopping addresses: in Victoria Secret's stores and at

For cherry-blossom-perfume fans, there are even more options  

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  1. My sister is looking for a new perfume, so I'm thinking I'll buy her this one for her bday in October. Thanks!


    • You're welcome!

      Chant Wagner

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