Zadig & Voltaire to Launch Tome 2 with Clarins {Fragrance News} {New Perfume}

tome-1-purete-ad.jpgAfter releasing Tome 1 La Pureté (Tome 1 Purity) (Part 2 of review here: Patchoulait), their debut perfume in 2009, French fashion label Zadig & Voltaire have encountered tangible enough success that they have had to enter into partnership with a bigger company, Clarins, announced this morning...


Tome 1 La Pureté has sold more than 20 000 copies through their boutique network plus website and due to high demand needs to go to the next level for fear of not being able to meet customers' requests. The fragrance is currently unavailable on their e-commerce site.

I had been meaning to call attention on the blog on how their boutiques operate as veritable wind tunnels for the scent since its launch. Every time one walks past one of their stores in Paris one gets a giant whiff of La Pureté spilling onto the street, which always irresistibly makes you think that a mythological giant just lifted his armpit in your direction (the scent is very musky.) Here is a quote from an unpublished post based on impressions captured in the heat of July,

"Passing by the Voltaire and Zadig store now is like being invited to smell the inside of a giant, sweaty armpit which lifts as you stroll by for you to stop and not smell the flowers but its hair and axiliary glands. Since the launch of Tome 1 La Pureté, what was at first a discreet incursion into the world of perfume has turned into a permanent olfactory advertising for their deceptively angelic perfume. The boutique is permeated with the scent and in the summer puffs out the perfume to passersby."

Founder Thierry Gillier insists the move is not going to affect the quality of the jus which will be de facto less "niche." Since Clarins is also taking care of the Thierry Mugler brand, it provides a track record for demonstrating that you can go more mainstream and yet know how to cultivate your differences.

Clarins and Zadig & Voltaire are currently reported to be working on a Tome 2 which will be the first scent born out of their collaboration, date of introduction still to be announced.

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