Profumum Roma Ninfea, Arso, Battito d'Ali (2010) {New Fragrances}



Italian niche perfumery Profumum Roma have released three new fragrances since 2009 which are called Ninfea (Water Lily), Arso (Burnt) and Battito d'Ali (Fluttering of the Wings.) Ninfea is inspired by the image of a dew-drenched secret garden on which the sunshine casts its rays reminding the protagonist of the sparkle found in "her" eyes and the surround smell of her presence...


Notes: roses, violet, honeysuckle, cut grass.

Arso takes you to the evocative environment of a cosy chalet in winter while the snow is falling outside on pine tree needles. Inside, you have a crackling fire and good red wine on the background of jazz music playing. "You and I are hugging on an old sofa.." smelling "the white smoke of a precious incense..." and "the warm scent of pine resin."

Notes: cedar leaves, leather, incense, pine resin.

Battito d'Ali takes up the more abstract and even mystical task of recreating the sensation of "the smell of the fluttering of an angel..." It is "immanent and transcendant!" and "Who has ever heard it?" Judging from just the list of perfume notes, it seems we are taken on a gourmand journey, something reminiscent for me of Etat Libre d'Orange Divin' Enfant, a thematic Christmas-y scent filled with tender goodies rather than theological insights.

Notes: cocoa powder, orange flowers, myrrh, vanilla.

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