Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Green for Men (2011) {New Fragrance}


Yves-rocher-Evidence-Green.jpgYves Rocher will add a flanker within the Comme-Une-Evidence-fragrance franchise, which exists both for women and men. The women's version is a French bestseller. Comme Une Evidence Green, to launch in February 2011, will follow up on Comme Une Evidence Homme, which was introduced in 2008...


Comme Une Evidence Green (Like Something Obvious Green) is a fresh, green, aromatic and woody scent. It was composed by nose Ursula Wandel of Givaudan. Its notes include green lime, mint, sage, patchouli.

The perfumer explained (my translation),

"I wanted to create a new freshness, one both green and natural, by using mint and sage which have exceptional aromatic qualities. I added green lime, whose fusing qualities bring sparklingness and energy to the fragrance. It was also important for me to incorporate a rich and deep woody note to keep the link with nature alive all along the evolution of the perfume."

From the original in French:

"J'ai voulu créer une nouvelle fraîcheur, à la fois verte et naturelle, en utilisant de la menthe et de la sauge aux qualités aromatiques exceptionnelles. J'ai ajouté du citron vert, dont les qualités fusantes apportent pétillance et énergie au parfum. Il était également important pour moi d'incorporer une note boisée riche et profonde pour garder ce lien avec la nature tout au long de l'évolution du parfum",

A 75 ml bottle of eau de toilette is priced at 32€.

Trend analysis:

The upcoming composition renews an interest for a predominant note of mint in men's fragrances (Guerlain Homme, Cartier Roadster, Frédéric Malle Géranium pour Monsieur, Cartier Déclaration EDT Cologne) while tying it with a renewed Green Olfactive Trend.

Historical analysis:

The perfumer is attempting to offer a new definition of freshness in olfactory terms, one that goes beyond the 1990s definition of it, when L'Eau d'Issey which helped define the phenomenon is refining the concept as well with contrasted creative flankers.

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