Burberry Sport Ice for Women & Men (2011) {New Fragrances}



From Feburary 2011, Burberry will release a new duo of limited-edition fragrances to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of Burberry Sport (more details here.) You can read a review. Burberry Sport Ice for Women and Men look at the same outdoorsy concept but give it a frosty finish thanks to ginger, citruses and icy crystal notes...


While iciness is not uncommonly seen as an olfactory selling point for men's perfumes, it is a sensation less put to the front of women's scents.

Both Sport Ice perfumes were entrusted to the same noses who composed the originals. Burberry Sport Ice for Women is signed by Olivier Polge and Béatrice Piquet, who passed away this year. The men's version is by Sonia Constant, Natalie Cetto, and Antoine Maisondieu.

The feminine is a fruity-floral with notes of ginger, mandarin, frosted crystals, honeysuckle, magnolia, petit grain. The cool notes are contrasted with warm sand notes, musk, and cedar wood.

The masculine has notes of citruses, icy crystals, sea breeze, frosted ginger, wood, amber, musk.

Both fragrances come in 2 concentrations, in edp (75 ml/64€) and edt (50 ml/49€.)

Trend analysis:

While iciness as a cooling sporty sensation is not uncommon in men's scents, this is a case of a slightly transgressive idea when it becomes applied to women's fragrances.

Historical analysis:

Cool Water for Men by Davidoff may have generated a whole school of perfumes but advances in perfumery technology can only perfect the kind of "cryogenic" effect sought out, thanks to the design of new molecules.

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