Royal Wedding Tweets {Fashion Notes}


The latest styles and news bites from the Royal Wedding:

8:29 am

Second kiss breached with tradition of a unique kiss for the nation. Let's face it, this is right now the greatest peep-show on earth.


8:27 am

The kiss happened! Very brief!...


7:45 am

Protocol says that the newly weds' kiss at the balcony at Buckingham Palace is scheduled for 8:45 am. It's a tradition since the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer with the Prince of Wales.


7:40 am

Adding a gustatory note to say that Queen Elizabeth II's favorite cocktail is Dubonnet aperitif poured in a cup of tea. The Queen does not like to eat in public and this is all she will allow herself to ingest today at the lunch buffet.


7:07 am

The wedding is ending and one cannot help but think that Kate's most dazzling feature is her smile. Hollywood moment now with the London bells pealing away.


6:45 am

The gentle slope that the dress makes in the front does look more Renaissance-like and creates very harmonious lines when a bride needs to kneel down in front of 2 billion viewers.


 6:44 am

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are now facing the altar for the prayers. The greenery above it arranged by Shane Connolly and the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies is lovely.


Stepping into history and marriage at the same time. Dad can definitely feel nerve-racked, the second part is already momentous enough.
Oh my, so moving. The dress is reportedly inspired by the Renaissance, but looks very Grace-Kelly 50s too. Sarah Burton is the designer.


Pippa's look is Grecian
The Queen's hat is yellow! Apricot actually. Signed by Angela Kelly. Brooch is Queen Mary’s (Mary of Teck) True Lovers Knot brooch.
The Prince Michael of Kent looks so much like a Saxe-Cobourg/Windsor, he seems to have stepped down from a painting!
Kate: has a Grace Kelly wedding look
Registrations @ St Andrews were up 40% & included a majority of US girls who, it is assumed, hoped to marry Prince William
Discreetly emotional Carole Middleton hides stage-fright well & enters Abbey with son James
I'm seeing an Arthurian Brocéliande theme in the Abbey with all these forest trees. Green, eco-conscious hint at the same time. Prince William has acknowledge being influenced by his father on this count.
4 minutes ago 
The 50 bells of Westminster Abbey will ring for 3 hours after the wedding ceremony. 5000 different sounds will be emitted.
Princes William & Harry left Clarence House and they are chamarrés!
Victoria Beckham wearing high-forehead black satiny hat with plunging sparkly gray brooch
Royal wedding: flower arrangements within Westminster Abbey = 800 000 Euros. PM Cameron arrived w/ wife Samantha who wears 3 sparkly flowers. She has visibly decided to stand out by not wearing a hat, just the sign of it.

 Picture via Huffington Post

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