The Evolution of Fragrance Modeling {The 5th Sense in the News}


Todd_Heisler_NYT_fragrance_sampling.jpgThe New York Times has investigated the practice of fragrance modeling in department stores. Deemed overly aggressive a technique by customers and experts alike, there has been a rethink of the model of the barrage of fragrance-spritzers awaiting you that you are more than ready to dodge upon entering the perfume aisles. If you've ever felt like you might be food to sea-swarming sharks awaiting to earn a commission on a sale, here's your new guide to cruising the fragrance counters knowing other people are feeling your pain. It's also probably a relief for fragrance models themselves -- you can read our series: Confessions of an Ex-Fragrance Model (4 parts) to get their viewpoint on their job....


"The sheer number of fragrance debuts these days has created consumer confusion and a glut of demonstrators on the floor. “It got out of hand, the number of spritzers,” said Judy Galloway, a managing partner at G-group market research. In March at a Fragrance Foundation trends forecast, she told attendees, “Sales associates need to turn away from being product pushers to product advisers.

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