Nez à Nez Immortelle Marylin (2011): The Real Perfume of Marylin Monroe {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Nez_a_nez_Immortelle_Marylin.jpgFrench niche perfume house Nez à Nez (lit. "nose to nose", which means "face to face" in French) have released a new fragrance composition which pursues the original idea of imagining the real perfume that Marylin Monroe actually wore in real life. In this story, the creators imagine that Norma Jean told the world she wore Chanel No.5 just to be left in peace and so that no other women besides her would wear her fragrance, Immortelle Marylin (Immortal Marylin)....

The Hollywood legend famously confessed to only wearing the No.5 to bed, and nothing else.

The playful invitation the brand extends is to let you know that you are now allowed to steal Marylin's secret signature scent. Key words to describe the fictional perfume of Marylin Monroe are "recklesness", 'flamboyance" and "duality."

Immortelle Marylin showcases the everlasting flower called "immortelle" in French. The perfume opens on top notes of everlasting flower, raspberry, hazelnut and ylang-ylang. The heart rests on iris, leather, nutmeg. The base notes are everlasting absolute, musk and Ambroxan.

While the name of the perfumer is not divulged on the site, it is probably Karine Chevallier, who has worked in close collaboration with brand owners Christa Patout and Stéphane Humbert Lucas since the beginning. You can read the interview we did with them in the early days following the establishment of their house in 2005.

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