Guess Seductive Homme & Femme Duo Launches in New York City {Fragrance News}

Guess_seductive_Homme_Femme.jpgGuess Seductive, which launched in 2010 as an eau de toilette, then was followed more recently by Guess Seductive Wild Summer, will see the franchise get enriched with a masculine addition, Guess Seductive Homme. A new feminine flanker was introduced the same day on June 8, 2011 in NYC judging from the color of the juice which is a new, near neon pink...



The name of the new women's scent needs to be confirmed.


Guess_Seductive_Models.jpgModels for the advertising campaign are Luca Loy and Leticia Zuloaga.

Guess_John_Legend.jpgMusician John Legend made an appearance at the launch party which took place at the Top of Standard.

We'll post more pictures of the launch party soon.


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