Who Doesn't Like Nice-Smelling Hair? {Beauty & Olfaction}


Redken-Natures-Rescue-Radiant-Sea-Spray.jpgRedken released a new delivery system this year for using perfume with Nature's Rescue Radiant Sea Spray. Since the days of Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, the relationship of hair and perfume has become more muted, but it's by no means dead.

We are always struck by the numerous mentions about nice-smelling hair in films...


The Radiant Sea Spray works both for improving hair texture and scenting them, the latter with "time-touch fragrance capsules [which] release bursts of oceanic scent when hair is touched."

The sea algae hydracomplex it boasts contains sea algae which protects, soy protein which replenishes, aloe vera which moisturizes, and oceanic calone which perfumes the hair with a breezy, beach-y scent. You need to run your fingers in your hair to release the scent. You can spray the product over dry or damp hair. The brand suggests to scrunch your hair to get a beach-wave look.

$17 at Ulta

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