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The über confidential perfume from 2009 which launched at the Bon Marché in Paris as an ode to the bracelet and ties of all sorts, Iconofly Attache-Moi, is now available in the US. The first edition which ran 1000 copies and rapidly sold out did not ring the demise of the perfume. The packaging has evolved as the bonds are now gray and a lettering appears on the glass of the flacon. An art movie has been commissioned this year, which is directed by Christina Kruse and written by Guy Lesser who both play in the short film as well...

The composition centering on amber is signed by perfumers Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza. They "have captured the essence of tactile and textured materials that are not easy to work with. Balsams, resins and ambers reveal their warm and sensual side, bringing to life a captivating scent to which one returns, again and again."

"A man and a woman in evening dress lie in bed talking in the sort of intimate, vaguely adversarial way. Their subject is a foreign name, "Attache Moi," evidently a perfume. He contend the name makes little sense. And then, just to be really irritating, that he also hates perfume. She, of course, knows better.

Who they are? Where they are? Why they're dressed in rumpled evening clothes. Whether the action takes place in the past, the present, or the future. Or indeed, how exactly the two are tied to one another remain somewhat open questions-- for viewers to decide for themselves.
At 3 minutes and 30 seconds, ATTACHE-MOI is willfully too long to be a commercial, and arguably too short to be a "short." Instead it is a kind of meditation that explores some of the premises of a product that is unisex and European-- leaving as much as possible unstated and to be inferred."

The 50 ml perfume is priced at 80€. "ATTACHE-MOI will now be sold at Barney's New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills stores.To celebrate the American debut of the fragrance, ICONOfly has commissioned the haute couture icon Christina Kruse and writer Guy Lesser to make an original video..."

serge_mansau_flask_bracelet.jpgIt is also available online at iconofly.myshopify.com, as is the art flask-bracelet created by Serge Mansau, for 1200€.

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