Six New Celebrity Fragrances to Try Out this Fall 2011 {Perfume List - Short Reviews - Celebrity Scents}


The new Shine Get It Guide from Yahoo! asked us to collaborate on their Insiders' posts.

This week's topic is Celebrity Fragrances and here's the list we came up with to complement their own selection which is based on the most popular queries appearing in Yahoo search engine. We already reviewed two of those in the past: Jennifer Aniston and Beyoncé Heat.

For this article, I picked three perfumes from the recent crop of celebrity perfumes that I think people will enjoy wearing and three that I'm particularly looking forward to checking out.

Heidi Klum Shine

Supermodel Heidi Klum, whose father worked in the beauty and fragrance industry in Germany, must have kept some great connections because her debut perfume is super professionally made. Co-created by perfumers Jean Guichard, son Aurélien Guichard and Olivier Pescheux of Givandan, this is an all-woman perfume which wafts on and on to surprise you with its different facets throughout the day. I would recommend it both for married women and single women. It's sexy, joyful, with a warm personality and offers an enduring charm.

Notes: mandarin, OrPur, pear williams, pink peppercorn, mimosa abs, muguet, sunflower, vanilla, tonka bean and Cosmone musk....


Keith Urban Phoenix

Country singer Keith Urban brought his personal taste in perfume to his debut scent Phoenix which has the seal of approval of his wife Nicole Kidman. This is a plummy, woody and leathery concoction. It borrows from scents like Egoïste by Chanel and Féminité du Bois by Shiseido but makes this type of pruney-woody signature more addictive with the addition of a gourmand facet. While it is marketed to men and inspired by a masculine figure - Urban's own father - we have no problem seeing a woman wearing this thanks to its sweet chocolatey sides and overall unisex vibe.

Notes: blackberries, cognac, a plum suede accord, dates, dark chocolate, fir balsam and musk,  cashmere woods, tonka, gourmand amber, leather.

Longer review here.

Karl Lagerfeld Karleidoscope

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld is officially a celebrity in our book, even before being a fashion designer. Like other celebrities he has his personality and image stamped all over the fragrance, including a mini black sponge with his head cut out in silhouette fashion, which you can scent. Expect to see his likeness in a snow globe and in makeup palettes at Sephora in Europe as well as in the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Karleidoscope is a light, transparent floral violet-leather perfume with an addictive note of peppery freesia. It's elegant, unisex and office friendly.

Notes: violet leaves, angelica seeds, neroli, violet, heliotrope, freesia, patchouli, benzoin, tonka bean.

Longer review here.


And now 3 new celebrity fragrances we're looking forward to trying because we're intrigued. And here are the whys.

Céline Dion Signature

The diva seems to have stepped up her game with this new release. The bottle is more sophisticated than usual with its retro charm. She's called it her signature scent and it has her likeness on the flacon. The message behind the fragrance is one of special connection with her fans. What could that possibly smell of?

Notes: mimosa blossom, Pink Lady apple, juicy guava, Indian jasmine, rose essence, magnolia blossom, sensual musk, amberwood, and sandalwood.

More details here.

Kate Moss Lilabelle

The twiggy model has said that Lilabelle is her most personal scent yet. It is inspired by her daughter Lila. It's both meant for the inner girls of grown-up women and for young girls who are coming of age. Again, what could that possibly smell like?

Notes: water lily, night booming jasmine, plumeria, mandarin, osmanthus flower, dewy freesia, sandalwood, amber, heliotrope.

More details here

Twilight Beauty Immortal Twilight

Well, you know that on November 18 opens Breaking Dawn - Part 1, the movie. Immortal Twilight wants to capture the scent of Bella as subjectively experienced by Edward. He famously noticed that she smells of something like freesia or lavender, fresh at any rate. Edward is said to smell in Breaking Dawn of lilac, honey and sun, much headier scents. The concept is both a bit creepy and intriguing. It's also a very Zeitgeist-y perfume. if you can't get hold of it by the time you go to watch the movie, you can always turn to Karleidoscope for its freesia accord.

Notes: cool citrus, wild chamomile, white freesia, peony, patchouli, cool amber and musk.

More details here.

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