Fifi Chachnil EDT Relaunched & Rebottled (2004 / 2012) {New Perfume}

fifi_chachnil_edt_ad.jpgFrench lingerie brand Fifi Chachnil, with their flair for recreated retro, vintage finds and a love of the 20th mid-century pinup universe, are relaunching their eponymous fragrance created in 2004 by perfumer Jean Guichard of Givaudan.

Only the eau de toilette concentration is concerned. The eau de parfum and parfum in oil form are still available on the brand's website, as is the eau de toilette too, but in a different flacon and at a higher price point...

The relaunch is part of an effort apparently to make this niche fragrance label more widely accessible, or at least accessible to a different audience through the Club des Créateurs de Beauté channel, an online venue with a very compact perfume offering.

They currently carry The Body Shop White Musk, Jean-Marc Maniatis Touche Audacieuse, a perfume for the hair created by Francis Kurkdjian, and soon, Fifi Chachnil. Expect to see it in the catalog on January 18th, 2012 and on the website from January 30th, 2012.

In the past, they offered Thierry Mugler Angel Innocent Rock, an exclusive collaboration, and Le B by Agnès B, whose composition is signed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, as well as several Marina Marinoff fragrances.

Fifi Chachnil edt is now housed in a simpler yet cute boudoir-style pink atomizer bottle. The price is 30€ for 50 ml vs. 48€ for 47 ml on the house's website, in a more elaborate flacon.

Notes are: bergamot, coriander, rose, lily of the valley, amber, tobacco, patchouli.

Via Beauty Modeuse

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