Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga...and Wafting of Balenciaga: It's for Winter 2012 - Part 2 {Fragrance News - Celebrity Perfumes}

Kristen_Stewart_Balenciaga_2.jpgWe got an update about the new Kristen-Stewart-fronted fragrance by Balenciaga from their press office who are releasing a picture of the actress at the premiere of Twilight dressed in an asymmetrical Balenciaga dress.

She is said to succeed French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg as the second fragrance muse of the newly refurbished house of Balenciaga Parfums, who announced the news in 2008...

Yes, let's not forget the first fragrance muse.

In 2010, Charlotte G was seen on the posters of the advertising campaign for Balenciaga Paris.

Kristen Stewart is said to have been able to woo her audience thanks to her "passionate roles." Her "vivaciousness" is also stressed.

So, after the cool violets, are we going to be seeing a Balenciaga for women full of fire and spices (but still elegant)?

Via press release


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