Yardley Royal Diamond (2012) Celebrates Diamond Jubilee {New Fragrance}


Yardley would not let the Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II take place without commemorating it with a celebratory perfume. Royal Diamond by Yardley will launch from March 2012, three months before the height of the festivities...

The brand stresses that it is a departure from their usual soliflore perfumes. They bill the scent as their first bouquet perfume according to Cosmetics Business although You're the Fire by Yardley in the 1970s was certainly more than a soliflore and Spring Flowers by Yardley in the same decade seemed to be bouquet-y, to mention only those two non-soliflores.

Perfumer Juliette Karaguezoglou of IFF created the fragrance. She is one of the two co-authors of Cascade by Chopard with Béatrice Piquet. Recently, she also co-signed Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Royal Diamond opens on fruity, citrusy accents of pear and bergamot; the heart is floral with rose, lily of the valley and peony; the base rests on cedarwood, vanilla and sandalwood.

Price: EDT: £9,99. Body spray: £2,49.

[Via Cosmetics Business]

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  1. Wow this is very exciting! I can't wait to smell it. I wonder who they are targeting this fragrance for though in regards to age etc. x

    Mia Clarke
    • You know this makes me think that given the price point Yardley scents can be considered to be "perfumes for the whole family" as they indicate sometimes in French on some fragrance packagings. I suppose that "perfumes for the family" have the purpose of being the Nivea creams of the fragrance world.

      Chant Wagner

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