Neon Video to Fête 150 Years of Sparkling Colognes at Roger & Gallet {Perfume Images & Ad}

Roger_Gallet_Napoleon_Cologne_ad.jpgRoger et Gallet are continuing to celebrate their 150 year anniversary this time with an upbeat video mix of neon and psychedelic images which they featured on their website...


It's a change of pace for the brand better known for their quiet, unassuming apothecary style.

The creative effort comes right on the heels of the launch of a repackaged trio of perfumes inspired by the historic bottle used by Emperor Napoleon in the shape of a rolling pin. Then there is the more recent launch of Eau des Bienfaits which is one of the must-tries of the season. It smells so very good and fresh.

Watch the 150 ans video

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