Madonna Truth or Dare is a Celebrity Perfume for Connoisseurs, Says Perfumer Stephen Nilsen {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume} {Perfume Q & A}

truth_dare_perfume_ad.jpgMadonna Truth or Dare launch date is fast approaching. If you are in the United States you can pencil your calendars for April 1st, 2012 when the perfume becomes available on counters. In France, it debuts on April 23, 2012.

Perfumer Stephen Nilsen of Givaudan who created the perfume in close collaboration with Madonna offers insights into the fragrance-making process for the scent. He describes the upcoming perfume as a floral gourmand offering a gutsy signature -- what else did you expect from Madonna, really? He also calls it "a huge narcotic sexy floral". And even more interestingly he makes the unconventional remark that, yes, this celebrity perfume is one for connoisseurs, intended for "someone who appreciates the true art of fragrance and the power it can have."...

madonna_truth_or—dare_perfume.jpgCelebrity perfumes are usually considered to be low-IQ by said connoisseurs - the most constipated ones at least - who normally have trouble identifying with fragrances pandering to the tasteless masses. They therefore usually anticipate that they can only stink.

Madonna however has a reputation for being a serious perfumista, having worn a connoisseur-approved perfume such as Fracas by Piguet, like many other powerful women of her ilk incidentally.

According to perfumer Stephen Nilsen,

It's a Piece of Art

"Madonna is truly educated on how to smell and made Truth or Dare her fragrance. Her vision was so clear and tangible that the process overall was elevated to the level of a piece of art. I could almost imagine what it would be like to work with her in her studio articulating her vision for a new song. She is a visionary."

Madonna Offers a New Style of Celebrity Fragrance: the Designer-Cum-Celebrity Perfume Kind.

"Yes, there is a difference [between a designer and a celebrity perfume] but Madonna is really both a celebrity and a designer. She had a vision for what the fragrance could be all the while knowing who she is."

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"The one thing that makes this fragrance so unique is the bold use of the materials. It is not for the shy or the timid at heart. It has a signature of classic perfumery with the use of bold floralcy yet has a modern addictive quality with touches of vanilla and sensual musk."

For Fragrance Lovers

"Whatever the circumstance, this is for a fragrance lover. Someone who appreciates the true art of fragrance and the power it can have."

Do you feel it's calling your name? The fragrance has notes of creamy tuberose, gardenia, vanilla, musk, caramel, addictive woods.

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