La Compagnie de Provence Encens Lavande (2009) {Hasty-Review}


Encens Lavande eau de toilette by La Compagnie de Provence was introduced in 2009. It was created by perfumer Caroline Malléjac.

Mostly known for their positioning at the high-end of mass-market toiletries, the brand has a trio of fine fragrances which besides Encens Lavande also comprises Anis Patchouli and Jasmin Noir...

While Encens Lavande is not without its merits, able as it is to create a brooding nocturnal atmosphere and a sense of aromatic complexity, not before long though, it sweetens perhaps a bit too much to allow for our full, unimpeded appreciation of the aromatic risks taken by the perfume. To summarize, it is a bit as if a difficult piece is too quickly followed by an easy piece. The drydown confirms these nascent apprehensions. There is a certain lack of quality in some of the ingredients used creating the impression that there are holes in the fabric of the scent in the base notes and in the end, it smells quite like a heavily scented candle on the skin: uniform, dense and simplistic.

If you like that kind of snuffy impression, then there you have it. Hilary Duff sought out that sensation in her perfume and therefore there must be others who seek it out too. Tokyo Milk Honey & the Moon is another one that comes to mind as offering this sensation of a room saturated with the scent of a burning candle, except it's all contained in an accord hiding in a bottle. There is an influence from Habanita by Molinard as well.

Notes: citruses, star anise / lavender, cardamom / incense, sandalwood, ambery note, white musk.

For other incense and lavender perfume options, there are Encens et Lavande by Serge Lutens and Belle en Rykiel by Sonia Rykiel.

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