Flavorful Quote of the Day, from Aarón Sánchez:

Chef_aaron_sanchez.jpgFrom one of the most passionate chefs and cookbooks you could encounter:

"Some people's memories have a sound track, an Usher jam calling to mind a rowdy birthday or a Bon Jovi song bringing back an awesome first date -- instead, my memories smell like carnitas frying in a pot and garlic roasting on a comal. That's what happens when your mom is Zarela Martinez, one of the best Mexican cooks there is.

I never forgot how powerful the flavors in the Mexican culinary arsenal are, the way just a few chipotles and a couple of garlic cloves could become something so good it could make you curse...

Simple_Food_Big_Flavor.jpgAnd later in my life, the way a simple sauce could rocket my mind back to my mom's kitchen. When she'd cook for me and my friends in New York, setting a bright green pumpkin seed sauce or sopes crowned with some mouth-watering salsa in front of us, they'd ask, their eyes wide with excitement "Aarón what's that? That, I'd think. That's love, right there."

Quoted from Simple Food, Big Flavor: Unforgettable Mexican-inspired recipes from my kitchen to yours, a Mexican cuisine cookbook noted for its particular success at creating deep, bold flavors.

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