IFRA Defended Perfumery Materials Vis-à-Vis The European Union {Fragrance News}


A new interview with Stephen Weller {Check also our interview}, Director of Communication for the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) makes the particularly salient point in this exchange that without IFRA, a number of perfumery ingredients would have altogether disappeared from the palette of the perfumer as they have come under attack from the European Union and before that pressure groups voicing their concerns...

Weller explains in this new interview with Premium Beauty News how his organism permits a more nuanced approach to the dermatological and allergic risks presented by aromatic materials. One of the main aims of the work at IFRA is to establish solid international norms of security at the European level after careful research is conducted to see if wholesale suppression can be avoided, and they usually can be.

Our comment:

It seems that some of the actors it would be interesting to know better are the dermatology and allergy specialists who bring concerns to the table of the European Union and the manner in which their diagnoses are established focusing on fragrance materials when environmental and food allergies seem to be more difficult to pinpoint and hence are given more slack it seems on the level of industry safety labels. It is true that it is a priori easier on a practical plane to isolate bottled perfume as a a source of allergy because it is a rarer, more limited utilitarian object. Foodstuffs, air, water, agriculture (pollens) are more difficult to circumscribe given both pervasiveness and repeated, daily patterns of use at an uncompressible scale.

List of Fragrance Materials that have Stayed thanks to IFRA:


  • Anthranilate diméthyl
  • Furfural
  • Furocoumarines (in citrus oils)
  • Lyral
  • Mousse de Chêne / Oakmoss
  • Tagette /Tagete
  • Mousse d’arbre / Tree moss (presents the same risks as oakmoss)
  • Verbena absolute
  • Vetiveryl acetate

Read more... (Interview is in French)

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