DIY Scent-O-Graphy {Culture Notes}

scented_photo_.jpgWhile on the one hand a heightened awareness about allergies is encouraging more numerous bans on perfume in public spaces, on the other hand, more and more individuals are becoming aware that scent can add a deeper layer to existence. In one of the latest twists to emerge, a website called Photojojo is proposing to associate perfume with photography. The funny part of it is that the method described is really low-tech...

If you thought the picture shown above was just an arty-quirky illustration for the topic at hand, you would be mistaken. It is actually what Photojojo calls with a rather conceptually-driven term, "Scent-O-Graphy".

We hope that you are laughing by now because as you can see what they are offering as a tip to indulge in the art of Scent-O-Graphy is: 1) to grab a homely Ziploc 2) throw in a few (unused preferably) cotton discs 3) mist them with the fragrance of your choice which should somehow make sense in the context of the photography selected 4) then close the Ziploc and wait "for two to three weeks" to obtain the desired result. Seriously? Cute idea. Let's hope the essential oils or EOs do not make holes into or stain the photography. Or that you have all the time in the world to waith for your bonified picture.

But the idea remains. Why not scent some of your favorite pictures (but perhaps find a way for the cotton discs not to touch the suface of the photo directly and use a box instead, which is more stable, and then take out your picture from time to time to gaze at it lovingly over the course of the two to three weeks).

Looking more closely at the original site Photojojo yields the result that they propose other, more varied methods. You could also stain-and-scent your photos with perfumed tea, water and a tray. Or you could also order scratch-and-sniff prints at a place like Homewood Press.

Scented paper letters, handkerchiefs and now, photographies. These olfactive twists could really add pizzazz to your scrap book.

Via CNET News; Photojojo

Picture: courtesy Photojojo

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