Just Cavalli, the Ad with Georgia May Jagger: Pretty Cool {Perfume Images & Ads}


 While the new Chanel ad for the No.5 is getting spoofed all over the internet for being overly enigmatic and pregnant with meaningful (Not!) pauses, this one, by Mario Sorrenti for Roberto Cavalli is much clearer in its message. Visually, it packs a punch. See how pink becomes mysterious, ombré like the new popular style of hair-dying, and sheds its girly attributes to become much more femme. Dont' you love the contrast of pink with red? I know I do. And Smoky pink mixed with gray on the eyelids: that's an idea for eye-shadow application. The advert is already getting WOWs! of approval. I'll add mine to the chorus: it's memorable, carnal and still retains mystery...

 Roberto Cavalli said so himself using other words -- well, he approves of the ad anyway, 

“She [Georgia May Jagger] represented the kind of women that I would like to have for my dresses,” he said. “If I closed my eyes while creating Just Cavalli, I would see her – sexy, but not vulgar. Delicate, with a sweet smile.”

In an age when unisex fragrances are felt to be liberating, Cavalli decided to be a contrarian, go against the grain and propose a perfume which is really "just for her". Sonia Rykiel did something like that with Sonia Rykiel Woman, Not for Men! (2003) as a statement of femininity meaning to the other camp: don't come grazing on our pastures. 

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