Gemey H pour Homme Titanium (1999): Ladies Man {Perfume Review & Musings} {Men's Cologne}



The other day, I had some extra time to spend in-between two appointments, so I decided to swing by a hypermarché to take a look at the mass-market fragrance shelves. This is when I happened on a red tester, H pour Hommes Titanium sucked nearly dry. Taking a sniff from the spray and insisting on pumping out the last drops of the cologne, I got the impression that it smelled particularly good. A very well-balanced jus, with a prominent musky facet making you conceptualize the whole as a "musk oil" of sorts {See Musk Hall of Fame; Exploring Musk Oils Part 1; Exploring Musk Oils Part 2} . By the time I had reached the cashier's, a guy got hold of the perfume box, played with it a bit, looked at it pensively seemingly remembering something about it and then said that the perfume "smelled very good". Apparently he wears it, or wore it at some point...


 In one of those moments you know you're not alone in the universe and your sensations are not just idiosyncratic or eccentric but other souls think likewise, once home I happened on a comment on a forum which distilled some passion for this relatively unknown fragrance for men; it must actually be worn by quite a number of persons given its price tag (11€), longevity - born in 1999 - but mass-market perfumes are never expected to break new ground so critics will tend to neglect them. Wearers are more likely to enthuse about one because such a scent can hit the right spot for them as the following quote will reveal. We apologize in advance regarding the language used. It is expressive if not refined. Clearly, this scent makes you talk like a sailor. But in the interest of social sciences, a person called AkuHimeNoir once said,

 "Acqua Di Gio by Armani is my fav on a guy but there is this sort of generic cologne for men in France called Titanium and DAAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN that shit smells so fucking good!!! I've searched and it's not possible to get here in the states and haven't found a site online that carries it. Then again they sell it at the freakin grocery store so yeah.

It comes in a red bottle that's in a red box. It's so freakin MIAM!!!!!" {Source}

Apparently Gallic perceptions agree with the above because a few more comments later in French this time and you discover that under the radar H pour Hommes Titanium is widely considered to be a chick-magnet of the first magnitude.  

The perfume was composed by perfumer Evelyne Boulanger who did the men's scent White Musk for Men by The Body Shop but also Patchouli Patch, among others. It reuses the template provided by Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier (1995) composed by Francis Kurkdjian but makes it slightly less show-off, more intimate and less about style, more about attraction. There is arguably a feminine aspect to Le Mâle in its capacity to unleash a cloud of powder making it one of those more precious fougères, better fitted to dandies than to the guy next door. At least this is what you think when you smell H pour HommeTitanium next to Le Mâle, the latter being in fact a top best-seller in the French market.
Titanium adds an important dose of musk directly sourced from the musk cocktail found in Coty Wild Musk Oil. It is a bit sweet but not too much as a butcher note of costus counterbalances the sweetness with a suggestion of stale human grease. Costus is known for its interesting facet resembling the scent of not-so-fresh hair which can be used to good effect to add character to a perfume. It's basically about the eternal fight between preferences for odorless cheese vs. pungent cheese. Without going as far as coming across as pungent, it adds a touch of Grenouille-like humanity, and also virility to the composition. 

The tag line in the advertisement for the cologne suggests that the concept behind the perfume is indeed mainly about eliciting sexual attraction.  Dubbed an "essence fusionnelle" it operates on the level of those fragrances which boast boatloads of pheromones, and apparently consumers agree. It also suggests that it can be shared by both men and women, accidentally or willingly, and there again we think that women who do not hesitate to wear more masculine notes such as woods and leather will probably enjoy it as well. It alludes also to the pleasures of wearing some well lived-in masculine accessories for a bout of cross-dressing.

Finally, ladies, you had to be made aware that this is one of their secret weapons of seduction: all hands above the water. 

Notes: Lemon, bergamot, orange / star aniseed, lavender, cinnamon, mint/ musk, cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla, marine accord. 

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