A Perfume of Victory: More "Obamas" in 2012, The Update {Perfume List} {Scented Thoughts}



Since 2009 when we last wrote a post on perfumes, supposedly inspired by the political charisma of Barack Obama, a new word has emerged in perfume vocabulary and that is simply the indefinite noun "Obama". What is an "Obama"?

An "Obama" is a perfume attempting to capture the essence of said president be it in perfume oil or as carried by alcoholic fragrance. There are many interpretations of that essence but they are apparently quite naturally thought of as "Obamas" as this comment posted on Amazon.com for Barack Obama Type Men Premium Quality Fragrance Body Oil Roll-On testifies to: "Do you still have this particular Obama? If so, how many bottles and what company are you with? I love this stuff." {Source}

There are now so many Obama-derived perfume oils, most of them thanks to the vibrancy of a cottage industry of celebrity or politically partisan fragrance that they take on the popular allure of the archetypal musk oil. A musk oil is a musk oil is a musk oil yet there are many incarnations of that ideal...


 Alternatively, and less pithily put, you now have "Barack Obama Type fragrance oils" and "Michelle Obama Type fragrance oils". Never did such innocuous appelations sound so mysterious. What exactly is an Obama-type perfume?

Consistent with the general culture of perfume-making, the thicker the veils of mystery the better for hooking up your interest (that was before critical analysis took over part of the discourse on perfumery). Translated into perfume notes, we find that both types are usually interpreted as fresh, clean, citrusy, i.e., eminently consensual, majoritarian scents. This does not really clarify the concept of the "obama-type" except as a wildly imaginative support for a scent which is meant to be adopted easily while offering an unique and extremely high level of promise of leadership and clarity of purpose in your own life. 

Michelle Obama is reported to wear Love in White by Creed, although the First Lady has been caught in the glare of the media buying other perfumes, say from Boadicea the Victorious, or even smelling of cherries

While we try to get our nose near some of those Obamas, here is an updated list of Obama perfumes since 2009. 


According to this Spanish source, Pedro de Leone, Count of San Jorge created a custom fragrance for president Barack Obama in 2011 inspired not just by safe cleanliness but by the African roots of the leader. The perfume bottle had to be disassembled, with the juice on the side for it with the help of a secret code to make it into the White House. The idea came from a childhood friend of the count who has a post in the Obama administration. 

In June 2012 TMZ was wondering what could it possibly mean for Obama to wear cologne? Here we discover the interesting notion that it could only be to cover up something. Indeed many still think that perfume is an utilitarian concept useful or suspect in its main function as malodor masking agent. If you wear perfume it must be because you do not bathe enough, is a classic.

Racist stereotypes flew across a news room and someone suggested it was to cover up "the scent of Kenya"; TMZ suggested, the scents of cigarettes or Recession,




Shirley May launched a duo of perfumes called Obama pour Homme and Femme.

Wholesale is the way to go for the president of a large country, who moreover has origins in an even larger continent. Check out 1 LB Barack Obama Oil from Africa Imports: "Celebrate with a Clean, Refreshing Scent. Be inspired by the zest and crispness of Barack Obama type for men. Made with rejuvenating notes of citrus, green leaves and marine notes. O-B47LB

Buy 12 for only $24.12 each"

A Michelle Obama Type Fragrance Oil from the Midwest Fragrance Company:

"Our homage to the first lady -- reflecting her love for clean and fresh citrus fragrances -- this is an interpretation of her signature fragrance, a delicate composition of orange blossom and citrus notes drying down to soft and powdery musk. Beautiful."

Michelle Obama_perfume_musk.png

Yet another elusive Michelle Obama Type oil, this time smelling of "sweet musk" according to Divine Khemestry


Another Obama oil sold on Etsy: "This fragrance projects an executive and powerful persona with an elegant charm just like the President himself. It represents leadership, history and achievement. A clean and refreshing blend of aquatic fragrant notes are sure to embellish confidence and bring out the president in you!


Imagine being kissed on the cheek by Obama, just like Michelle Obama. It reportedly should smell of chocolate kisses diffused by a soy candle in the collection Mmm...smells like.... 


The scent supports since 2009 have decidely diversified and now include an Electric Glass Oil Warmer from Exotic Fragrances.

Sean P Diddy Combs in 2008 said that his fragrance I am King, he dedicated to Barack Obama. The WSJ wrote then that "Mr. Combs said it is time for marketers to move away from the stereotype of the urban black male with lots of bling and present images of successful black men like Mr. Obama -- and himself." Of course, you want to see that P. Diddy flanker called I am President...

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