Time to Christmas Shop! Part 3 {Perfumed List - 2012 Holidays Gift Guide}



For those who love both perfume and wellness, here is an aromatherapy set by 21 Drops, the Pick Up Fix Set, which is easy to find at Sephora. It contains 4 essential oil blends with the following properties: 12 Uplift (rose, lavender, helychrisum); 10 Calm (sweet orange, jasmine, vetiver); 18 Sleep (ylang, vetiver, sandalwood, palmarosa); 19 WillPower (cedarwood, ginger, geranium). They can be carried around in your purse and additonally pop with color, all of this without breaking the bank ($14,50)...




For the ethically minded, there is a collection of perfumes by DKNY called Pure DKNY which includes by now three opuses: Pure Vanilla (initially launched in 2010 as the original Pure DKNY), Pure Verbena {more here} and the latest one of this year, Pure Rose.

The idea here is to source a principal ingredient from a sustainable community source. The style of the series aims to illustrate the desirability of a simple and uncluttered lifestyle in the midst of hyper-consumerism -- small is beautiful ($29 for 3 x 0.25 fl oz.) An Ulta exclusive. 


IVOIRE EDP 100 ml + Pack.jpg



Balmain, after seeing their perfume licence being reprised by Inter Parfums, have decided this year to re-launch a 70s-80s classic, Ivoire de Balmain (1979). Do you remember the mysterious woman hiding in the shade of her hat? She is back in a state of undress, still sheltered by the shade of her hat.

The juice has been reworked by perfumers Michel Almairac and Jacques Flori so as to respect its original identity as a green, iris-y chypre while giving it a modern twist. Since perfume has a lot to do with nostalgia, you can think about this special gift for someone who would like to be reminded of a cherished decade influenced by the lines of Yves Saint Laurent (44€, 60€, 88€). 




Another effort at recreating a classic of perfumery is the trio of L'Heure Bleue offsprings, l'Aurore, le Zénith and Le Crépuscule which are each inspired by a moment of the day, from sunrise till sunset. In-house perfumer Thierry Wasser has paid careful attention to ways of rethinking the top, heart and base notes each separate time.

Guerlain do not say whether the proceeds from this very limited-edition for collectors will go to a Save-L'Heure-Bleue fund on its 100th anniversary - it probably won't - but if it isn't a curatorial, desperate attempt to call attention to this patrimonial perfume, it looks very much like one in the spirit of the perfume by subscription M.A. Sillage de la Reine by Château de Versailles. Think about it Guerlain. 


More beauty, home and perfume gift ideas to come.

Meanwhile, you can read our previous installments for 2012: Time to Christmas Shop! Part 1 and Time to Christmas Shop! Part 2

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