Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple (2012): A Tuberose-Vetiver Accord Re-Examined {New Perfume}


Yves Rocher introduced a new flanker to the original So Elixir launched in 2009. So Elixir Purple is consistent with the original idea of perfumer Marie Salamagne behind the fragrance to create "a spark" between a floral and a wood, initially white florals vs. patchouli. This time the inspiration is triggered by the contrast of tuberose vs. vetiver while patchouli remains as a signature note...

The nose explained,

"For this reinterpretation of So Elixir Yves Rocher, I wanted from the get-go to work on a sensual woody floral accord with a strong signature and an enveloping trail.

The idea of a tuberose came to me naturally. Rich and bewitching to the utmost, it is for me the most glamorous flower in perfumery, the archetype of femininity. 

I felt like associating vetiver to it, a wood with vibrant tonalities, and of course, patchouli, like a tip of the hat to the signature of the original fragrance. 

From this unexpected encounter, an unusual woody floral perfume is born, which is both modern and ultra-feminine and whose sensuality is mysterious and owned."

("Pour cette réinterprétation de SO ELIXIR YVES ROCHER, j'ai voulu dès le départ travailler un boisé floral sensuel et moderne avec une signature forte et un sillage enveloppant.

L’idée de la Tubéreuse m’est apparue naturellement. Riche et envoûtante à l’extrême, c’est pour moi la fleur la plus glamour en parfumerie, l’archétype de la féminité. 

J'ai eu l'envie de lui associer le Vétiver, un bois aux tonalités vibrantes, et bien sûr le Patchouli, comme un clin d'œil à la signature de la fragrance originale. 

De cette rencontre inattendue est né un parfum floral boisé inédit, moderne et ultra-féminin à la sensualité mystérieuse et assumée.")

A tuberose-vetiver accord was previously examined in Avon Mark White Vetiver, which made much of it, but felt disappointing. Given the comparable mass-market targeting, it will be interesting to see how this reexamination of a similar accord comes off as. 

The brand lists those ingredients which are of natural origins as Yves Rocher are known for their commitment to making room for natural and organic materials: tuberose infusion, essential oils of vetivern bergamot, patchouli and benzoin extract. 

The color purple since Poison by Dior at least -and certainly most famously - has been associated within the visual codes of perfumery with mystery and secret, which explains the name of the new perfume. 

Via yves-rocher.fr


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