New Ad for Christian Louboutin Spring-Summer 2013 Evokes Sadism {Fashion Notes}


OMG -- We're thinking the new ad campaign for Christian Louboutin Spring-Summer 2013 is seriously tainted with sadism. They can say it's inspired by Magritte and Surrealism all they want, we're thinking slavery and Nazism...

What does a defenceless naked body hanging in the air has to do with stylish shoes, except for some sexual fantasies about total domination? 

We think this is a vulgarization and further banalization of sado-masochistic relations that have been popularized with 50 Shades of Grey.

The woman is supposed to reel in a man thanks to Louboutin pumps as baits -- we get that. But the subtext is so prominent that you forget about the shoes, which are pictured almost minimally, in the general picture at least.


In other images, all shot by photographer Peter Lippmann, Louboutin shoes are at the forefront. 

There is just something forced about the general image, which is unpleasant. If it were a painting, with less mass appeal, and with different goals, it might have a different impact. But we know this is advertizing and with advertizing there is always the assumption that images play to our lowest common denominators. 

Via Russian Fashion Mag; Vogue UK

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  1. Can't remember any ad that is more repulsive than this. Just funny someone paid money for this "ad" (or should I have said "repellent"?).

    • It makes me cringe, somehow.

      Chant Wagner

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