Issey Miyaké L'Elixir Pleats Please Edition de Noël 2013 {New Perfume}


Issey Miyaké have re-introduced what is becoming an annual collector edition version of Pleats Please eau de toilette (2012) called L'Elixir Pleats Please Edition de Noël (2013) for the holidays.

The original fragrance composition by Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan sees its floral heart magnified thanks to the new intensity of the white floral accord...

This fragrance in general is, I personally think, an interesting composition on the historical plane and I will say exactly why when I get a chance to review the original and its flankers, including Pleats Please eau de parfum.

This new limited-edition eau de parfum for the holidays showcases the powdery and sweet facets of the heliotrope bloom also evocatively known by gardeners as the cherry-pie flower. It also smells of vanilla and almond. Gardenia is part of this revised, lusher bouquet bringing its powdery accents as well. The sillage or trail - the perfume as it wafts away from you and towards others to amplify your circle of olfactory perception - is said to be quite noticeable. The drydown rests on vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood.   

The bottle design sees its edges underlined by silver now looking even more like the origami bag it mimics. A white pleated textile bag with a string houses the flacon to reinforce the association with the main occupation of the fashion house. 

Price: 60€ for 30 ml. 

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