The Different Company Nuit Magnétique (2014) {New Perfume}


Magnetic Force Field Inspires Dynamic Notes & Law of Attraction / Repulsion within a Composition


French niche perfume house The Different Company have launched a new fragrance called Nuit Magnétique (Magnetic Night). The composition is authored by perfumer Christine Nagel, formerly attached to Mane and now co-in-house perfumer for the house of Hermès alongside Jean-Claude Ellena...

The nose said,

"I created this perfume thinking about the physical principle of the magnet. The raw materials that I chose get married by affinity and get repelled by contrast inside a magnetic field whose olfactory nucleus is an amber-woody accord. Benzoin, patchouli and musk are blended in the amber and attract the floral notes of the heart as the plum liqueur holds them together in its sweetness. Ginger, blueberry and bergamot merge and gravitate, coloring the scent with fresh, spicy and fruity facets. "

Nuit Magnétique is a fruity-floral oriental featuring ginger, blueberry, and bergamot in the top notes which then segue into a heart showcasing Egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose, tuberose, and plum. The base rests on ambratic woods, benzoin, patchouli, amber, and musk. 

The perfume woud have been developed prior to her new Hermès assignment. It is not unheard of however to see in-house perfumers collaborate outside of their realm although it remains exceptional or discrete an activity. 

This is the first time that Nagel signs a jus for the confidential perfume house. 

On a more historical note, there was previously the famous perfume by Coty L'Aimant (1927) which alluded to the same principle of attraction albeit more as a metaphor for seduction. 


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