Nicolaï, Parfumeur-Créateur Musc Monoï (2014) {New Perfume}


Paying Homage to a Beauty, Suncare Classic 

The house of Nicolaï, Parfumeur-Créateur* will launch a new perfume to usher in summertime called Musc Monoï. It is inspired by the scent of the famous suntan oil Ambre Solaire, a favorite of perfumer-creator Patricia de Nicolaï...


Patricia de Nicolaï said,

" I have long been in love with the famous oil Ambre Solaire. I always wanted to create a perfume reprising this scent which evokes a day at the beach drenched in sun. "A deliciously sensual fragrance which would smell of hot skin at the end of a beautiful summer day - that was my goal!"

The composition is said to have softened the ambery facet of the original scent into a more modern musky one. It offers, despite this, a memorable sillage. 

The floral-musky eau de toilette opens on top notes of neroli essence, limon essence and essence of petit grain of Paraguay. It segues into a heart comprised of ylang-ylang essence, magnolia blossom essence, jasmine, coconut (Lactone) and Calone. The base features ylang-ylang absolu, Mysore sandalwood from India and musk.

The new perfume will be available from June 4, 2014 in the Nicolaï boutiques and online at

Prices: 108€ for 100ml and 36€ for 30 ml. 

Via press release

For comparison purposes, you can check out that other perfume, Fire Island by Bond No.9 which gets inspiration from Ambre Solaire as well. 

You can also check out the article, Perfumes Inspired by Beauty Products.

Note*: The house used to be named Parfums de Nicolaï; it has been rebaptized Nicolaï, Parfumeur-Créateur. It is a telling way to put front and center the figure of the perfumer and to insist on the fact that the perfumer is a creative and an artist, not just a professional spin-meister of perfume recipes. 

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