Weekly Blog / Instagram Highlights with Perfume Commentary 5/24/2014 - 6/1/2014 {Scent Images} {Beauty Notes - Nails}


The Sorbonne courtyard was wind-swept and rain-sprinkled. This clock captures the exact time - 6 pm - at which a conference on Olfactory Creation was brought to an end after two days...

Usually lessons on perfume and perfumery are dispensed at specialized institutions like ISIPCA or Osmothèque. The setting up of the event at a university marks olfaction as a broader humanities & sciences field. 

You wouldn't believe the cavalcades in the corridors & stairs of the university. It felt like losing your way in the upper floors of an ancient castle. 

Report to follow on the blog.


It was also time to cast one's vote in the booth for the European Elections. This was a moment of comic relief, for me. Probably this ballot was the one with the most legible and clear message in a sea of non-descript flyers. In a perfume-blog context, you can't help thinking that maybe there ought to be a political movement around banned perfumery ingredients.


Paris_View.jpgThe week smelled of Petrichor, a lot. It's a lovely smell, except it comes with a price of ambushing rain. 

Iris_Gris_Patch.jpgHappened on a patch of grey irises, a legendary floral motif in the history of perfumery thanks to Iris Gris de Fath. Their color is so elegant. Must return to capture the color if they're still in bloom. 


Mademoiselle_Mozart_Cinéma.jpgRed roses in stark contrast to green poodles, and a love of vintage movies (Mademoiselle Mozart / Meet Miss Mozart, 1935) - this could totally be a perfume brief. 


Paris_Sidewalk_Covered_with_Flowers.jpg Floral eye candy. It just smelled fresh. 


Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes have arrived. Their synesthetic tagline is "Intoxicating Colors". Their scents are not released until you apply a coat onto your nails. Spotted Autumn Spice, Orange Blossom, China Rose and Wintermint, among others. 


Tried Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint. It smells like peppermint patties. It's delicious, a bit chocolatey, with a subtle spicy edge of Calengal and aniseed. The trouble is that you end up smelling your fingers all evening, and that's not exactly, perhaps, the effect of social polish this beauty product aims to convey. Are you supposed to smell your Revlon Parfumerie coated nails in private? Only in the powder room? Only in bed? Only when no one is looking? Are you supposed to gracefully wave your hands in the air like little doves to the exclusive olfactory bliss of others? A new chapter needs to be added to a manual of beauty etiquette alongside other don'ts such as cleaning your nails on the subway - you know who you are. 

Wintermint goes well however with the minty trend. Of course, this is the perfect partner for Rosabotanica by Balenciaga (rose + creamy mint).  Use China Rose + Wintermint + Rosabotanica, and you'll be all lacquered up and perfumed in matching olfactory tones. 

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