Hermès Rose Amazone (2014) - Of Video Games & Mangas {New Perfume}

rose_amazone_visuel.jpg Hermès have launched a new flanker to Amazone (1974) called Rose Amazone, an updated, contemporary version of the 1970s classic...

The fruity, aromatic chypre introduced an interesting tonality back then thanks to its creator, perfumer Maurice Maurin, the author of a personal book on his memories and experience as a nose, La sagesse du parfumeur.

Coincidentally or not, the color of that book cover is exactly the same as that of the tint used in the perfume visual, as well as for the "rose tea" color used in the Hermès leathergoods, a pale salmon pink.

Hermes_Rose_Amazone.jpg Rose Amazone which was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, is said to be "very contemporary, courageous, powerful - but also extremely feminine."

Rather than to speak of a "flanker", the house prefers to stress that this is a "re-interpretation" of a classic, just like Bel Ami Vétiver was in 2013 of the Bel Ami of 1986.

The house explicitly make a reference to the emancipated woman figure of the 1970s who was perhaps best symbolized by Charlie by Revlon and its ad campaigns featuring a woman with a powerful stride.

In 2014, the feminine figures which can replace her are video games and Mangas heroines to which Jean-Claude Ellena is said to be very much attuned.

The fragrance personality of Rose Amazone is said to be futuristic, youthful, sparkling, sour and tender. Main notes are citruses, red currants, raspberries and blackberries. Mood is colorful and joyful.

Price is 116€ for 100 ml of eau de toilette.

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