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James Bond 007 Fragrances will launch their first women's perfume from January 28, 2015 called 007 for Women eau de parfum...

"007 for Women fragrance captures the heady power of the Bond Woman. Offering a unique mix of ingredients that blend signature femininity with a sense of intangible mystery, it is a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance. Its appeal lies in its rich, strong and tenacious character..."

In 2017, the brand had added the characterization on the 007 Fragrances website, that the composition is a throwback to the 20th century,

"Conveying the mysterious allure of these enigmatic women, the scent is a modern interpretation of the mysterious oriental fragrances worn by women throughout the last century,"

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of spicy Black Pepper and Rose Milk which "ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality". The heart features Blackberry and White Floral Jasmine. The oriental base rests on Black Vanilla, White Musk, and Cedarwood.

This current perfume franchise launched in 2012 and so far had only released masculine fragrances.

There is an upcoming new movie - Spectre - with two new French James Bond girls - Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux, so somehow, it makes good sense to think about a perfume for women now.

Available in 30, 50 and 75 ml.

Previously, Avon had created Bond Girl 007 in 2008.

[Via Thefragranceshop.co.uk]

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  1. I received the new 007 fragrance to test from trnd and I'm so impressed that it's a defo for the birthday list! Its long lasting and smells divine!!! The bottle is super stylish and looks like a little gadget in itself :-)

    • Am curious to test it too. There was an Avon Bond Girl which was pretty good, the purple peppery flanker which came afterwards was even better.

      Chant Wagner

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