James Bond 007 Perfume to Launch in 2012 - Update {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

James-Bond--Dr-No-poster.jpgThe James Bond 007 franchise will be reactivated in 2012 in perfume form. Procter and Gamble have announced that a masculine cologne inspired by the suave spy icon will be launched under their aegis. The fragrance developing will be conducted under a licensing agreement...


The last time the famous spy inspired perfumery was when Avon launched a fragrance called Bond Girl 007 in 2008, followed by a spicier flanker, Bond Girl 007 Forever in 2009. The fragrance event was meant to mark the opening of the movie Quantum of Solace.

P & G do not say that they are operating under any impulse given by the film industry although recently the spy icon was made popular again with its original incarnation OSS 117 (born under the pen of Jean Bruce in 1949, 4 years before Bond 007 appeared in Casino Royale by Ian Fleming). The character appeared in two French movies with actor Jean Dujardin - who incidentally just won the 2011 Cannes Festival prize for best actor - visibly parodying Sean Connery (he is hilarious.)

Eon Productions have also announced that the 23rd James Bond movie called for now Bond 23 will go into production at the end of 2011 and be released on November 9, 2012.

So, something is in the air, and P & G's project no doubt will be able to mesh with the new James Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes and featuring Daniel Craig.

"Bill Brace, vice president of P&G's prestige division, said the fragrance was "a good opportunity to give men access to the high-end world of 007."

"James Bond has the right ingredients to delight men with a fragrance: it’s timeless, aspirational, iconic,"

Update 06/17/2011: WWD confirm that it is EON Productions and Danjac LLC who are partnering with P & G. The James Bond 007 fragrance will be introduced in the fall of 2012 to indeed coincide with the release of the 23rd Bond movie.

"Danjac LLC. The U.S.-based Danjac co-owns, with MGM, the copyright to existing Bond films and the right to produce future productions plus Bond merchandise, according to the companies."


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