Beyoncé Pulse (2011): More Deets {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

beyonce_in_thierry_mugler.jpgAs reported yesterday, singer Beyoncé is preparing to launch her 4th perfume. Taking a step back from the Heat franchise (see: Heat; Heat Ultimate Elixir; Heat Rush), she is opening up a new imaginary and olfactory universe with Pulse. According to the perfumers Bruno Jovanovic and Loc Dong of IFF who co-created the fragrance, the approach is novel in that it establishes a new genre, the "citrus gourmand." No doubt, the style of the perfume will be updated thanks to the use of new ingredients, in particular, Pulse seems to benefit from the technical contemporary ability to make citruses last and fizz. But, when one reads "citrus gourmand", one cannot avoid thinking about Shalimar by Guerlain, which flirts with the category of gourmand and is characterized by a well-known contrast between citrusy bergamot in the top notes and a warm and deep vanilla base....


Bruno Jovanovic said, “Pulse is a breakthrough in its composition and olfactive family,... “The contrasted structure highlighted by sparkling citrus blend on top and warm, deep and sensual vanilla infusion in the back characterizes a citrus gourmand innovative classification. The final result is a high-energy charged fragrance with extreme sensuality.”

Loc Dong added, “I tried to capture the strength of a performer like Beyoncé on stage,”....I was able to convey the electric energy she communicates to her audience with an overdose of citrus fizzy effect. The citrus profile of the fine flavor curaçao gives a striking freshness on top.”

Beyoncé acknowledged that the design of the flacon was inspired by her stage costumes, the Mugler ones it seems. This is an interesting cultural, organic influence that Mugler is further having on the world of perfume. We say "organic" because the reference to Muglerian aesthetics here becomes a legitimate autobiographical note for Beyoncé rather than a pirat's attack on the very successful Mugler space ship carrying his Angel and Alien fragrances. The French designer is not only renowned for the quality of his perfumes, their daring personalities, but also for the originality and inventiveness of his fragrance flacons. See the latest one, Womanity.

Via WWD.

Image: Beyoncé wearing a Thierry Mugler outfit via

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