Istanbul The Fragrant, The Radiant, The Gray One ≈ Dresses in the Wind {Paris Street Photographer}


Istanbul ≈ Dresses in the Wind / Boys & Girls © CHANT WAGNER 2015

Istanbul the Fragrant, the Radiant, the Gray One

A normal life - nothing like it. This is what I think to myself when I look back at some pictures I took in Istanbul...

Yesterday, there was yet another deadly attack upon the population of Istanbul, resident or just visiting. The death toll now amounts to 41, with 239 people wounded.

For some reason, I like to look back at these dresses dancing in the wind. They are a promise of lightness and pleasant silliness even when events are so heavy.

The social links, which are strong in Turkey, will enable people to overcome this tragedy.

Here's to Istanbul, the fragrant, radiant city, who is so much and always on the side of life, however it might manifest itself.

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