Aquolina Luna Park (2017) ≈ Emotional Perfumery, for All the Seasons of Life {New Fragrance}


Aquolina Luna Park Eau de Toilette

Aquolina, the Italian brand best-known for its creation of a second-generation iconic gourmand, Pink Sugar, will introduce a new pillar gourmand named Luna Park...

The scent is reportedly an evocation of the joyful and carefree spirit that visitors display at amusement parks.

The perfume, to emphasize this point, is packaged in a whimsical bottle replicating a plastic bag used as a temporary fish-bowl for a gold fish won at a fair's game.

Despite abundant childhood-nostalgia cues - or perhaps because of them - the composition is meant to be worn by persons of all ages.

« What do the words "Luna Park" bring to mind? 
Happy childhood memories, the anticipation of a moment of pure joy, those summer afternoons you wish would never end.

Aquolina draws inspiration from happiness, laughter and happy memories: feelings and emotions at the heart of the second, eagerly awaited Eau de Toilette, Luna Park.

The rides, the days spent outdoors, the carefree spirit of childhood: Luna Park is all this.
 A fresh fragrance ideal at any age, subtly echoing the enchantment of the most carefree season of life. 
Luna Park expresses emotions: a delicate, yet intense and unique heart, for strong, intense personalities. »

The edt opens on top notes of candied lemon peel, rose and blackcurrant leaves; it has heart notes of jasmine, iris and raspberry blossoms; the base blends notes of orange blossoms, marshmallow, white musks, and amber.

Within the Aquolina brand, the launch is noteworthy for being a fresh gourmand, in eau de toilette concentration, its second one only in the history of the house.

But Luna Park is also said to be « its first fragrance that tells stories of joy and excitement. » In other words, it is an explicit work in emotional perfumery.

Angel by Thierry Mugler was that too: not just a liquid patchouli cake pourred into a bottle, but an attempt at recapturing emotions felt as a child at a Christmas market in Strasburg.

(Source: Aquolina press release)

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