Best Summer Fragrances in 3 Parts {Fragrant Readings}


For your reading convenience I am posting the links to three articles I wrote last year about some of the best summer fragrances under the sun. Since then, new perfumes have their way into my mental list of such carefree delightful companions, although I must say that deep down I think you can wear any fragrance that you wish at any time of the year. But still, some summery criteria might not be completely irrelevant. At any rate, lists of perfume suggestions are fun to read and to play with and so I have dug out the articles from the bowels of the blog:.......

My Favorite Summer Scents: Scented Thoughts

Perfume List: My Favorite Summer Scents, Part I (musk, aromatic, hesperidic/citrusy, marine, gourmand, patchouli, oriental, vanilla, and clean perfumes)

Perfume List: My Favorite Summer Scents, Part II (fruity, spicy, floral, amber, green, leather, wood, tea, beach, eau de cologne)

I will try to do a 2007 list of summer favorites.

The gorgeous photograph is by Chris (archi3d). Check out his breathtakingly beautiful gallery of pictures!

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  1. The gorgeous photo was the thing that first caught my eye - it's beautiful!!! And thanks so much for the link to Chris's other paintings. Off to check it out...

  2. Actually it's a photograph. But it does almost look like a painting.

  3. Yes, I realized it the second I clicked on 'post'. I would have sworn it's a painting, it looks so layered.


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