14 Safe Fragrances To Offer on Mother's Day - or Any Other Day {Shopping Tips} {Perfume List}


14 Safe, Fool-Proof Fragrances For Mother's Day - May 11th 2008!

These are fragrances we recommend as potential gifts for Mother's Day (or if you are looking for a safe present on other occasions) when you have no idea what to offer and your mother is leaving no subtle hints to help you. They are suggestions that might be especially good for moms who are not into perfume but whom you feel would be pleased to receive a scent as a present...

What do we mean by "safe fragrances"? It means mostly that they are safe to offer. Sometimes we test a perfume and at the end derive an impression that it would be well-liked by a fairly wide circle of people. Intuitively they appear to us as compositions that offer a certain sense of restraint and elegance without showing too many strong facets. They are generally easy to wear but are not that easy and pandering to the lowest common denominator as to feel bland and uninteresting. In fact, it is quite an achievement to reach this quality of being.

Receiving them, we hope, will provide the same sort of pleasure as that of receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Safe Fragrances to Offer To Your Mom, In General

Prada Infusion d'Iris

This one comes on top of our list, the rest of the list is free style. Elegant, discreet, feminine but still capable of making you feel excited about it. It is the equivalent of a crisp white feminine shirt worn by Grace Kelly. A masculine version is in the works but otherwise this composition is so versatile, it feels it could be worn by a man.

Gucci by Gucci

A modern chypre with a very good sense of balance; it is very pleasurable to wear. Again, it is elegant, feminine without having just good manners to show for herself, but a real charm.

A Bit Riskier But Still Safe

In these two some notes - ripe full fruits - stick out more, yet they retain a sense of, again, balance and elegance that is easily transferable to a number of different personalities. Their glowing warmth is very appealing.

Piguet Visa

The equivalent of a warm classic tweed made out of a sensual rich material.

Badgley Mishka

A wonderful fruity chypre with a warm stewed fruit effect. It is elegant but somehow easygoing too. It offers great diffusion and is extremely long-lasting. It is a scent that never quits on you, in a good way......


Maybe Too Safe - But Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Dior J'Adore

A modern classic in commercial terms certainly if in no other terms. The first time we tried it we thought it felt very French, restrained, discreet, elegant, with no overt sexy signals despite the steamy ads fronted by Charlize Theron. It is borderline too-staid and bourgeois, but walks an indefinable line between restraint and lack of expression well.... we think. Melanie loved it (she wrote the review).

Safe Fragrances for Younger, Hipper Moms

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

Although admittedly an elitist perfume, it is still very popular and easy to like. It has a tasteful aura about it even though it is an ambitious composition.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur

Also very popular

Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

To paraphrase a TV show we do not watch, everybody likes Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

Safe for More Mature Moms

Estee Lauder Private Collection

It smells like the scent of a sophisticated mom.

Jean Patou Joy

Offer her a bottle of Joy instead of a bottle of Champagne.

Safe for Rose-Loving Moms

Rose is one of the most popular, if not the most popular floral scent.

Stella McCartney Stella

A lovely fresh citrus-y rose that many can and do love

Lancôme 1001 Roses

A very natural-smelling and nuanced rose perfume that we think might win over even people who do not like rose fragrances. A rose scent that is never too rose-y. Absolutely lovely.

Safe For Moms In Pants

Caron Pour Un Homme

Another way to say that if your mother is an ex-tomboy and does not like too many frills or is the sporty kind, go for a great safe unisex fragrance called For A Man, in French. And what could that be but this wonderful lavender and vanilla scent that always surprises us as to how it smells so gooood. Tell her to spray it on her pillow too. Also don't forget to show her the new ad with rugbyman Sébastien Chabal for a good laugh at your gender-bending bravado.

13 Sounds Unsafe, Let's Add A 14th Safe Fragrance

Patou Forever (1998)

This perfume, simply put, is Joy with a dollop of dark berries. Unexpectedly convincing and versatile.

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