Isabel Derroisné Ame Toscane Reflet d'Iris (2008) {New Fragrance}

Isabel Derroisné
, a mail beauty and perfume brand exclusive to France, Monaco, and Corsica has a new, iris perfume out called Ame Toscane Reflet d'Iris (Tuscan Soul, Iris Reflection). It is categorized as a fruity floriental and described as a "transparent, ultra-modern composition around iris", with a light powdery touch.

Last year saw a veritable wave of iris fragrances; this year has been more sedate in this regard but at the same time the trend continues to a greater or lesser degree with Maître Gantier et Parfumeur Bois de Turquie, Kenzo Power, Creed Love in Black, John Galliano, sometimes with a pairing with violet this time (Creed; Galliano)... 
The fragrance opens on a note of frosted mandarin followed by angelica with its lightly peppery accents and a white cardamom for creating a pastel effect of soft spice. In the heart, a woody iris from Tuscany confers its generosity to the perfume. The scent is rounded off by cotton musk and a light amber.

Notes: top: peach; heart: Tuscan Iris, cedar wood; base: vanilla, musks.

The eau de toilette currently retails for 27 Euros instead of 45 €. By the way, Ilaya, a rich resinous and coffee oriental, is also on promotion now, 29 € instead of 49 € until August 29th 2008. You will just need to find someone in France who can reroute the perfumes! (please note that they have a notice on their site stating that it is illegal to resell their products outside of their network of distribution).

Read also our review of Rose Divine by the same brand.

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  1. I did find someone to reroute, and am not exactly exstatic because of it :(
    Maybe it is the hot weather, but the original Ame Toscane EdT remains my favorite. Maybe because, trying to describe it to a friend, I compared this composition of Celine Elena's to a steak served with whipped cream, and that image now constantly pops up in my head...

  2. Looking for the original Ame Toscane, I live in the U.S. have'nt been able to find it since getting products thru Dr. Ricard. Any help would be appreciated

  3. SOS.....I am also a previous customer of the Dr. Ricaud beauty line.I am looking for any information about ordering AME TOSCANE!
    Can anybody help?THANKS!

    Andrea Macmillan
  4. donde puedo comprar ame tuscane 1996


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