L'Occitane Notre Flore Le Jasmin - Jasmine (2008) {New Perfume}

Jasmine-Notre-Flore-3.jpgNext month L'Occitane will add a newcomer to their select collection of fragrances titled Notre Flore (Our Flora) dedicated to praising the olfactory notes of the Mediterranean world. This time Le Jasmin - Jasmine makes its entrance with a composition centering on Jasminum Grandiflorum from Egypt.

From the press release,

"The wind rose guided sailors through the Mediterranean to explore new
lands. Each land had its own unique scent that would drift out to sea and
announce its close presence. After the scents of Iris from Italy, Myrtle from
, Neroli from Tunisia, and Cedar from Morocco, the winds now carry
us to the land of Egypt, the birthplace of perfumery. Egypt's presence is
announced by the sensual, intense scent of a white and delicate
flower closely connected with the greatest queens of Egypt: Jasmine

Jasmine-Occitane-Purse-Spray copy.jpg

Jasmine is the second most used floral note in perfumery for effect, not necessarily for showcasing, after the rose. This early fall, you can all witness an interest in jasmine-focused scents with Tendre Jasmin by Yves Rocher and Jasmin Noir by Bulgari (also here). "Which one to set your heart on?" is the next legitimate question you might ask yourself...

I have already smelled the two first ones and am looking forward to L'Occitane's rendition of the flower to report on all three.

Top notes are bergamot, ivy leaves; heart notes are jasminum grandiflorum, orange blossom, lily of the valley; base notes are cedar, amber.

There will also be a purse spray set available which includes a wind-rose shaped casing and 3 refills of 0.25 fl oz each, all for $48.

The perfume debuts on October 8, 2008 in the USA.

Via L'Occitane press release

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