Article on Lucien Lelong's Heritage {The 5th Sense in the News}

Lucien Lelong dress from 1937

An article based on Jacqueline Demornex's book Lucien Lelong retraces the career of the couturier and in particular his determining role in having prevented French haute couture from being transplanted from Paris to Berlin during the Nazi occupation.

His perfumes are evoked in passing, with a cultural note...
"The story of how he saved Parisian couture in the face of hostile takeover by the Nazis has overshadowed his creative legacy, but then it is so significant it is hardly surprising that his clothes have been half-forgotten, along with his scents (in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are seen shopping in his perfume boutique)."

If Lucien Lelong fragrances have been "half-forgotten", they have not entirely disappeared from the face of the earth as the perfume license is still active. Last spring I featured their fragrance site after happening on it by chance.

A reader asked for a review of the vintage version of Indiscret but the bottle I got was not in a good enough shape to warrant a review of its contents. However, I purchased another bottle so I will be in a better position to do a comparative review of the modern and vintage versions.

If you have used either or both, please comment. There was for example a good thread on Le De by Givenchy, but it is indeed perhaps true that the Lucien Lelong perfumes have become more thickly covered by the dust of time.

Photo credit: Sacheverelle

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  1. I came across a full bottle of Indiscret at an Estate sale with the rubber seal still intact. I couldn't wait to get it home & see if the scent was still in good shape. IT WAS! It starts off with spice, and a lot of spice. I also get some orange zest & warm simmered fruit, plums maybe. The spice never goes away but does settle some. Melting into a base of wood & moss. This is for sure not an "old lady" fragrance & not for the timid. I actually layered with Calvin Secret Obsession lotion & it worked really well. They're similar in feel but where the Secret Obsession whispers in your ear, the Indiscret is hot breath on your neck. I came across the website too but I'm curious how similar the old & the new smell.

    • It sounds great! And it sounds very hot too.

      Sometimes with vintage scents you get this impression that our grand-mothers and mothers knew how to misbehave in a way that has been lost :)

      Chant Wagner

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