Perfumes To Wear on Election Day 2008 in the Long, Long Lines {Perfume List} {Perfumista on a Shoestring}

Goats are smelly

The Get-Out-The-Vote (& Grab-A-Scent-On-The-Go) Perfume List

It is a priori tricky to attempt to draw a connection, many will perceive as superfluous, between perfume-wearing and election day, but as I have been reading on a steady stream of accounts describing the grueling waiting-period people have to endure to cast in their votes, I decided it was time to call attention to what perfume can do for the morale of the citizens.

Those who are already aware of the psychological effects of perfume, such as perfumistas, have a unique opportunity to canvass their neighborhoods and distribute samples of scents as rewards and effort-sustaining devices (while downsizing their collections)...


It can be daunting to anticipate that you will have to stay in line for 6, 8, or 12 hours. (By the way and as a reminder, all voting takes place today Tuesday November 2008, rain or shine.) It is not normal or efficient but apparently this is what is happening in some cases. Some of the best advice I have read is, once you have voted, make sure to go back with cases of water and distribute bottles to whoever needs it (Starbucks is offering you a free coffee today by the way if you voted already). If you are voting today, then think about bringing folding chairs and/or a cooler (that way you can sit on it too as someone astutely remarked; yes, this is not a beach party but you can bring a little bit of that feel to the polling station).

What I find interesting is to see how the waiting in line is turning into a veritable civil-rights effort and how everyone is trying to be mutually supportive and undeterred, as best they can.

Perfume can help you dissipate the drudgery of having to stand in line for hours on end. It can be a mood-enhancer, if you choose it appropriately. Depending on what your immediate needs are, you can decide to pick a cologne that will help you counterbalance or further enhance your present tendencies. You might be looking for a scent that promotes: calm, energy, comfort.

I am going to propose scents that are relatively easy to access rather than irrealistically send you on a chase for the niche perle rare (a gem). So I am rather thinking drugstore and wide-distribution gems somewhere in-between Wal-Mart, Sephora, Whole Foods (and such), CVS, Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop...This way you can support the economy at the same time!

Be Calm, Be Serene

Lavender, orange blossom, incense and tea scents help in this regard.

A handy lavender is Burt's Bees Cologne

Donna Karan Lavender is also great.

This is a bit lame, but there is a brand (can't remember the name) of roll-on perfumes usually showcased next to the Auric Blends at Whole Foods that has a nice Lavender and Ylang perfume, my favorite of the ones from that brand.

Pacifica has a nice very simple Nerola Orange Blossom, either in spray or body butter or solid perfume. Pacifica in general is a great resource when you need to grab a scent on the go.

Incense is not the most mainstream note. A perfume that few people will think of as an incense fragrance, but which reveals its calming, slightly smoky nature is Baby Phat Golden Goddess. The first time I smelled it I recoiled at first then was taken in by the wisp of feminine soothing smokiness, and bought it.

Tommy Girl although not advertised as a tea scent smells like tea and is easily purchasable, virtually everywhere people care to drop their dollars.

Be Energetic, Don't Give Up, Help Others!

Citruses have a sparkle to them and a trace of the sunshine under which they were nurtured, borrowing in the process the colors of the sun, all characteristics that are easily imparted to their wearers. Fresh scents awaken.

The ubiquitous 4711 Eau de Cologne is a great rekindler of damped-down energies and has been so for more than 200 years. It is fresh and uplifting.

The new The Body Shop Mandarin Orchid sounds like it might be a good bet.

Bath & Body Works Freshwater Cucumber, to stay cool as a cucumber and Wild Honeysuckle to smell fresh and pretty.

Prince Matchabelli Wind Song is also a great pick-me-up scent.

Donna Karan Be Delicious is an uber-fresh and clean scent that keeps being that way for a very long time.

Too Much Stress? Here's Some Comfort (Food)

Why not try the new Pacifica Mexican Cocoa, spicy and warm?

Aquolina Pink Sugar is really comfy. Imagine you're baking cookies instead of feeling the chill.

The Body Shop Aqua Lily = innocent baby blue flowers brushed by caster sugar, in a good way.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao (Sephora) is a favorite chocolate scent of mine. The touch of star-fruit in it makes you travel to exotic places on top of that. By the same brand, Caramel Sunset is absolutely decadent. You will feel enveloped in a swirl of rich toffee.

If you can find it, Demeter Sugar Cookie is one of their best tasty fragrances and really affordable.

Happy Voting To All!

Image credits:; AIGA get out the vote design competition

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  1. I think the brand of roll-on you may be thinking of is Nemat...

    ...thanks for a comprehensive list!

    • You're welcome!

      Actually, I should have said that I know it's not Nemat. But you are right, it's one of the staple perfume oils one can find at Whole Foods. They have good ones in that line too.

      It's a new brand, maybe with "Earth" in the name. Their packaging is similar to that of Aurics Blend but with a picturesque illustration of a landscape. Their Lavender Ylang smelled nice!

      Chant Wagner
  2. Aqua Lily! That was on my list as a summer perfume for quite some time, at least the past 2 summers - and when I went to the Body Shop this week to finally pick up a bottle, it was nowhere to be seen! Arghhh ... my fault for not getting there in time :(


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