Prada Amber on the Silver Screen: Fallen Shadows {Fragrance News} {Scented Images}

Prada who would get bored if they had to run conventional advertising campaigns for their perfumes is once more turning to the silver screen to help promote both Prada Amber and the arts.

Until December 31, 2008 Amber is the main character of a short animated film entitled Fallen Shadows by James Lima shown in 300 Italian movie theaters before and after the main feature. The Fallen Shadows campaign also appears in the press in Italy, UK, and US...

Prada Amber was also previously made part of an ambitious advertising campaign in 2005 when Miuccia Prada hired director Ridley Scott to shoot a short lasting no less than 4: 47 mn called Thunder Perfect Mind, with Daria Werbowy. You can watch it here,

Earlier this year, the new Prada Homme was also ushered in thanks to a series of (controversial) short films as well, see 9 Movies for 1 Cologne.


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