Perfume Greed by Francesco Vezzoli, Part the 2nd {Fragrance News}




Following up on a previous announcement on an art project by media artist Francesco Vezzoli devoted to capturing the essence of Greed, the perfume (I wonder where they got the idea of that association from?), here is an early teaser of the short movie by Roman Polanski.

People love to see two women fight, say in a pool of mud. How exquisite that it should be over a perfume bottle...


I see that I was not too far off the mark in imagining how Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman might portray fragrance-greed and everything that it symbolizes: on top the real faux ad (Michelle Williams looks positively ghoulish), at the bottom, the faux faux ad.

"Who knew that a wave of jealousy over a Ralph Lauren ad featuring Laetitia Casta would result in the creation of a fabricated perfume, complete with short film and leading actresses to front this faux campaign. Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli's latest project Greed, in his own words is the "logical step" from his previous tease acts; a play that was never going to run, a trailer for a movie that was never going to be produced and election ads for candidates that were not actually running for office."


Read more and watch the teaser...


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