Nuts Creme de Parfum Melon D'Eau, Ylang Ylang D'Amore, Mango Poudre, Mimosa Bouquet, Apricot Chypre... {Spotlight on a Brand} {Green Products}

Several of the Nuts Crème de Parfum scents were launched by Monarch Beach California based company The Cream Perfume Company in 2007 at the Natural Products Association Natural Market Place show. Their products are now distributed by Sephora in the US.

The fragrances are reportedly composed of high-quality essence oils imported from Grasse, France, sometimes making up to 22 % of the solid perfume carried by beeswax and almond oil. The brand decided to go back to the Egyptian antiquity for inspiration and forgo alcohol-based fragrances to greater lasting effect and to reduce costs on packaging...
The result is immediately eye-catching and will please eco-minded customers who can discover scents housed in wooden containers in the shape of nuts (incidentally, nuts would be used as pomanders several centuries ago) as well as a selection of organic perfumes.

Company president Mary Johnston said,

"By avoiding alcohol, water and glass containers we effectively cut a great deal of non-value-add costs from the product and spend our money where we think it belongs, on world-class fragrance oils, while also keeping the retail price very affordable," [Cosmetics Design 12/12/2007]
How natural vs. organic are the scents (check also our review of Patyka Organic Scrub for further discussion)? They also explain that,

"The beeswax and sweet almond oils used in our creams are entirely natural and make up the bulk (80%) of our ingredients. Fragrances which account for the balance of the ingredients are either 100% organic or a blend of natural essentials and fragrance oils. The organic perfumes we use are certified by ECOCERT, the sweet almond oil is certified by OTCO and the beeswax is certified by QAI. Our organic perfumes are 100% natural, using only premium pure essentials and absolutes. Our container size may seem small at 10g (.35oz) but lasts longer than the typical Eau de Parfum sold at 3 to 4 times the price. Oils in the average alcohol-filled perfume evaporate quickly and are consumed in a matter of weeks while our cream perfumes may be enjoyed for many months, even with daily use. They fit conveniently in your handbag and are travel-friendly."

Cream perfumes can be a good solution for those with drier skins. The company promises also that their scents make the top notes last longer, a claim I have been able to verify often in my own experience.

You will also undoubtedly be trendy as parfum concentration is making a comeback as well as solid scents.

Last but not least, the Nuts Crème de Parfum solids are very reasonably priced at $20, so it gets our Perfumista-on-a-Shoestring seal of approval.

Some of the perfumes are:

Melon d'Eau
A colorful, crisp, young, and romantic fragrance for active lifestyle enthusiasts. Ski, surf, and spa-lovers unite with an affinity for this seductively clean scent.

Orange, Melon, Violet, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Marine Accord, Musk.

Ylang Ylang d'Amore
Evoke the passion of tango and the romance of an evening in formalwear. This intensely feminine and addictive fragrance cleverly blends florals, fruity notes, and earth tones.

Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Jasmine, Apricot, Cedarwood, Orange Flower, Patchouli, Musk.

Mango Poudré
Give into the seduction of the hot nights in Havana, spiked with the sultry, exotic appeal of high heels. This scent sets the stage for sexy tropical evenings with a Latin beat.

Mango, Cassis, Jasmine, Candy Sugar Accord, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla.

Mimosa Bouquet
Experience the essence of the sophisticated--an intensely elegant floral, perfect for romantic weddings, garden parties, and women in vogue.

Orange Blossom, Green Notes, Mimosa, Gardenia, Carnation, Rose, Vanilla Madagascar, Musk.

Apricot Chypre

A crisp, fruity fusion of black currant, apricot, green notes, lilly of the valley and raspberry. Closes with jasmine, sandalwood and musk.

And more!

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