Givenchy Worried about Miscommunication around the Arrival of Uma Thurman {Fragrance News - Celebrity Perfumes}


Parfums Givenchy sent a press communiqué three days ago as they wanted to clarify some mistaken assumptions about the arrival of Uma Thurman as their latest fragrance spokesperson. Apparently and as far as I was able to check on some boards and celebs site, some of those turned the event into some kind of mud-wrestling contest between Thurman and Liv Tyler.

At TSS, I assumed Givenchy was rather happy to have one more celebrity face and was not going to curtail their efforts in this thriving field. It's like adding one more diamond to your crown these days if you consider the examples of Coty and Parlux. But new details have surfaced at the same time, so for the fans of Uma Thurman, here is what you can expect...

"Parfums Givenchy is proud to announce its
future collaboration with actress Uma Thurman as the face of a new
fragrance set to launch in Europe this fall, with a possible launch in the
US in 2010

While Liv Tyler will continue her role as the face of the brand and the
Very Irresistible fragrance franchise, Parfums Givenchy will be adding
Thurman to its roster via a distinct campaign for a new scent.  Thurman is
the face of a new women's fragrance only, and details about the fragrance,
campaign, and partnership will be revealed later this summer

(Via press release)

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  1. Hey, is it just me or doesn't Uma look a bit like Palin in Motherhood? As for you smart a's out there, no it wasn't me with the ticket on opening night. Got the urge to see the trailer after hearing the news. And hey Uma, never you mind, there will be other movies. You're pretty, smart and talented.

    Noe Reiland
    • I agree, Uma's look seems inspired by the hairdo and glasses of Palin. But before I clicked to make the movie poster bigger, I thought it looked like Tina Fey, who by the way as we all know impersonated Palin.

      Chant Wagner

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