Upcoming New Perfumes in 2009 {Fragrance News - News Bites}


Lorenzo Villoresi creator of the best-seller Teint de Neige has released the name of his new fragrance to be introduced in September 2009: it is titled Malenostrom Mare Nostrum...

Villoresi has also created ranges of scented incense sticks, crystals, and will be developing a home fragrance collection. The perfumer is widening his activities with the set sup of a large space dedicated to perfumery-related events in Florence, a 16,670-square-foot center.

Humiecki & Graef are expected to launch two new perfumes this year after their debut fragrance Skarb which was followed by a quintet of scents last year.

• Painter Stéphane Humbert Lucas has a new collection of 20 scented candles called Hypes Noses.

Nasomatto (Crazy Nose) led by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri has a new perfume called Black Afghan.

Profumi del Forte will have a new scent called Forte by Night in September 2009.

(Via Esxense & WWD.com)

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,
    I think there's a little typo in your article about the upcoming Villoresi Fragrance. As far as I know the name is " Mare nostrum" ( our sea). Greetings from a faithful reader of your blog!

    • LOL, I'm so used to seeing creative perfume names that it didn't click. I thought it was his new perfume inspired by the northern region or something like that.

      Thank you -- I'm giggling now.

      So, it will be one about the Mediterranean instead.

      Chant Wagner

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